Material theming and font sizes

Can you set a minimum font size for the whole application with mat-typography? And then let the other font sizes (headings etc) scale from that ?

A way to set font sizes is to include something like this in your project CSS file:

$fontConfig: (
  display-4: mat-typography-level(97px, 112px, 300, 'Quicksand', -0.0155em),
  display-3: mat-typography-level(61px, 56px, 300, 'Quicksand', -0.0082em),
  display-2: mat-typography-level(48px, 48px, 400, 'Quicksand', 0.0000em),
  display-1: mat-typography-level(34px, 40px, 400, 'Quicksand', 0.0074em),
  headline: mat-typography-level(26px, 34px, 500, 'Quicksand', 0.0000em),
  title: mat-typography-level(22px, 34px, 500, 'Quicksand', 0.0075em),
  subheading-2: mat-typography-level(18px, 30px, 400, 'Quicksand', 0.0094em),
  subheading-1: mat-typography-level(17px, 26px, 500, 'Quicksand', 0.0067em),
  body-2: mat-typography-level(16px, 26px, 600, 'Quicksand', 0.0179em),
  body-1: mat-typography-level(16px, 22px, 500, 'Quicksand', 0.0179em),
  button: mat-typography-level(16px, 16px, 500, 'Quicksand', 0.0893em),
  caption: mat-typography-level(14px, 20px, 500, 'Quicksand', 0.0333em),
  input: mat-typography-level(inherit, 1.125, 500, 'Quicksand', 1.5px)

@include mat-core($fontConfig);